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Technology is connecting experiences all over the world – but what about the people at the heart of the experience? How is technology connecting those who organise events with those who attend? And how can this help the bottom line? 

Hear from leading event experts as we reveal all...

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    David Chalmers Senior Director of Marketing, Cvent
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    Dominic Franks Director, The Persuaders
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    Jemma Peers Commercial Director, Top Banana
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    Nicola Wedge Head of Events, Personal & Corporate Banking, Barclays Bank



The Power of Mobile is the second webinar in our new series of four, where we aim to uncover the secret to the four pillars of event success: audience, mobile, content and technology. In this instalment, we dive into everything mobile with tips and tricks on how to get your attendees to actually engage in mobile so it is a useful tool and not an added gimmick – and this goes for before, during and after the event.

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    Nicholas Tinker Business development manager, CrowdCompass by Cvent
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    Ewan Jamieson Social Media Manager, Ashfield Meetings & Events
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Wake Up Your Venue Sourcing with Technology and Innovative Strategies

Your preferred venues, favourite hotels and selection processes – is this really enough to keep up with increasing client demand, a need to reduce costs and maximise opportunities and choice?

Everything from farms to castles, to conference centres or exhibition spaces, the options available to event organisers are diverse. Some venue requirements such as price or location will forever persist, but improved technology and connectivity plus adventurous delegates has created a more exciting selection process than ever before.

In our final Power of Live focus, we will look at shaping up and kick starting a new chapter in today’s event planner’s venue sourcing strategy.

Event organisers’ choice of venues has never been greater, and is growing year-on-year.

With the market moving toward quirkier and more unique event spaces, are the problems associated with venue-sourcing becoming greater? Or is the burgeoning sophistication of the industry dealing more effectively with changes in the market?

This report will look at what the biggest difficulties faced by event organisers are, and what tools are available to overcome them.


In the fourth part of our series, the focus is on the live event. We’ll be looking at how events can inspire, engage and create truly unique experiences for delegates.

Our webinars and expert reports will reveal strategies to deliver a seamless first impression at arrivals, build interactive experiences and why gamification has become the buzzword of the events industry.

For the organiser, the ability to track and stay in real-time contact with delegates and attendees is the foundation for creating an agile and dynamic event experience. Plus, a good on site technology solution can provide invaluable data to measure an event’s success.

Event Insight and Cvent surveyed over 500 decision-making event professionals to discover how they approached event management. In this report, we share the results and further insight from our event management webinar.

In turn, we look at how an event management system can create new opportunities, increase efficiency and effectiveness – from marketing through to developing future events.

Download now to discover:

  • How to automate without losing the human touch
  • How to track success – and stay on track
  • The secrets to efficient personalisation
  • Leveraging management insights for future events
  • How to overcome the challenges of implementing an event management system

Good first impressions, engaging content and a seamless experience are just some of the necessary ingredients for a perfect live event.

In this webinar, our expert speakers will investigate how by taking some simple steps event organisers can amplify their delegates and sponsors’ event experience.

Plus, we will reveal the results of our exclusive survey into live event management and strategies.

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    Antje Derks Marcomms Group Global Social Media Manager, Brand Republic
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    Alison Williams Head of Events, L’Oréal
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    Timothy Sutter Senior Business Development – Event Management Software, Cvent

Cvent, Inc. (NYSE: CVT) is a leading cloud-based enterprise event management platform, with 1,700+ employees and more than 12,600 customers worldwide. Cvent offers software solutions to event planners for online event registration, venue selection, event management, mobile apps for events, e-mail marketing and web surveys. Cvent provides hotels with a targeted advertising platform designed to reach event planners looking for suitable venues. Cvent solutions optimise the entire event management value chain and have enabled clients around the world to manage hundreds of thousands of meetings and events.

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Event Management

In the third part of our series, we will be investigating how using an event management platform can increase productivity and reduce costs. It is no secret that an event planner must have an ‘always on’ attitude, as they deal with an endless ‘to do’ list before the live date. To succeed, therefore, organisers must have a concrete understanding of their progress and budgets, whilst having insight into how to maximise the impact of their next move.

Over the next two months, The Power of Live will look at the current systems and processes being employed by event organisers. In turn, with the help of expert guests, we will share the ways in which organisations are leading in this area. This will include how to increase attendance, improve marketing response rates, track budget vs. actual costs, and streamline marketing.

In partnership with Cvent, we hope you will find our webinar, eBooks, expert reports and videos a useful resource in your event planning. Join our community of over 1,500 event professionals now, by registering here.

Make no mistake: The time to go mobile is now and in this eBook, we’ll share rationale and proof to help you build your best business case. 

  • How much will it cost?
  • How will we pay for this?
  • How fast can we monetise?

We’ll also give you talking points for discussions with your team, boss and even your executive leadership group to gain the necessary buy-in to proceed.

The difference between good events and great events is tight execution on marketing, automation of administrative tasks, and good management of thee vents. 

Over seven years of event consulting, our staff has discovered effective best practices after assisting over 5,000 planners launch and manage their events.

Build budgets based on fixed costs, variable costs per delegate or a combination. Cvent’s budget tool alleviates the pains of tracking funds, recalculating variable costs and monitoring budget room by automatically accounting for the variety of event data affecting the budget.

Are you considering building your own online registration system instead of purchasing Cvent?

Below are some key points to consider based on years of experience developing a world class online event registration system.

There is more concern about the rapid decay of our environment today than ever before. As individuals,we have a responsibility to respond to these concerns,and there is no better place to start that in the hospitality industry.


In the second part of our series, we turn our attention to the world of apps. Your attendees (and, indeed, all of us) are spending on average 2 hours 42 minutes on their mobile devices, of which 2 hours 19 minutes is down to app usage. Having an event app is no longer just ‘nice to have’, instead your attendees are beginning to expect it.

Live events remain a vitally important marketing channel for many organisations, and the evolution of technology is beginning to shake-up tired event formats.

However, new research conducted by Brand Republic for event technology company Cvent suggests that while apps are increasingly prevalent at conferences and events, relatively few organisers are using them to engage fully with delegates.

Download to discover:

  • Why apps are more than just a replacement to paper programmes
  • How apps can create real ROI by introducing new revenue streams
  • What you must look for in an app provider – and what features ensure your event stands out

This eBook will show you why mobile hasbecome so personally intertwined with ourdaily lives, and why that’s important for yourmeetings, conferences, and events. We’llcover how mobile apps are changing eventexpectations and experiences, along withwhat to look for in your own event app.

Chapters include:

  • Mobile is everywhere and more personal than ever
  • Create personalised experiences for attendees
  • Build your event’s image
  • More bang for your buck
  • Make it better each time
  • Protect personal information
  • What you can take away and apply

Across industries, engagement strategy is evolving to focus on creating personalised experiences for the consumer. The event sector is no exception, where organisers are seeking new ways to enhance the attendee experience. In particular, apps have emerged as a key innovation for generating tailored, interactive and even entertaining experiences.

Tune in to join the debate and discover:

  • How apps are changing the way consumers engage with the world around them
  • How to seamlessly integrate an app into your engagement strategy
  • Best practice for guaranteeing buy in
  • The ROI – a step-by-step look at the savings and added benefits
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    Alison Ledger Associate Editor, Event Magazine
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    Iain Edmondson Head of Major Events, London & Partners
  • image
    Nicola Wedge Head of Events, Personal & Corporate Banking, Barclays Bank
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    Nicholas Tinker Business Development Executive, Cvent's CrowdCompass

Social Media

This series, produced in partnership with Cvent, will give you proven insights into how to take your live events to the next level. Through a range of webinars, eBooks, surveys and expert reports we will bring you the latest thinking and best practice on everything from social media through to Apps and event marketing strategies.

Intuitively, social media and events make a perfect match – they share a common purpose to create a dialogue, a buzz, and the exchange of ideas.

As part of The Power of Live series, Event Magazine, C&IT Magazine, and Brand Republic, in association with Cvent, conducted a survey of 576 event marketing professionals to discover how social strategies were integrated into the events they produced. The respondents came from a variety of backgrounds, including those who work on conferences (48%), fundraisers(10%), workshops (7%), and internal meets (7%), with 33% having worked on events for over 5,000 attendees.

There’s No Better Time to Up the Stakes on Your Social Strategy

This hugely popular eBook forms part of our Power Of Live Series: Social Media Focus and offers a vital checklist to ensure you are making the most of social media within your events.


This webinar forms the 3rd part of the Power Of Live Series: Social Media Focus and will be providing vital tips on embedding the right strategy to capitalise on that most potent of combos – live event content fused with social media.

Based on an exclusive Event Magazine survey of over 550 event marketing professionals, conducted in association with Cvent, this webinar will look at how event marketers are currently using social to build attendance, enhance the event experience and increase its lifespan. Plus, the latest trends and some innovative ways to integrate social media into your events will be revealed.

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    Alex Whitson Director of Live and Digital Events, Haymarket Business Media
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    David Chalmers Senior Director of Marketing, Cvent
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    Vincent Boon Co-Founder & Chief Community Officer, Telefonica Standing On Giants

In a recent survey, 75% of respondents had no social strategy in place or a fuzzy one at best.* Don’t be like most people; tune into this live webinar – the 4th part of the Power Of Live Series: Social Media Focus.

An effective social media strategy should take attendees on a seamless journey, from pre-event through to post-event. This interactive discussion will approach each part of the event cycle – before, during and after. Tune in to discover how to effectively integrate social at every touchpoint, amplify the live event content on all platforms, and engage all of your attendees.

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    Philip Smith Head of Content Solutions and Studio, Haymarket Brand Republic Group
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    Emma Dahl Marketing Communications Specialist, PeopleNet
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    Emily Vera Social Media Team Lead, Cvent
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    Gordon Rutherford Head of Marketing & e-Commerce, AXA


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