C&IT Insight is a source of creative firepower for event industry professionals. By fusing in-depth industry knowledge from C&IT with expertise from game-changing partners, this platform offers innovative ideas to help you continually evolve and enhance your events.

As the go-to knowledge hub, C&IT Insight gives its members access to highly relevant industry-leading webinars, expert reports, surveys and bespoke events, drawing on insights from expert contributors and in-depth industry research.

Whatever your area of interest, you can find something within our comprehensive library to bring you closer to your business goals. On C&IT Insight, our specialist content covers the following areas:

  • Event management and venue sourcing
  • Attendee engagement and on-site experience
  • Event marketing and social engagement
  • Event technology and apps
  • Incentive travel and destinations
  • Creativity

At C&IT Insight, not only can you enhance your expertise by diving into research and in-depth reports but also interact with leading event planners and organisers. Our live webinar sessions allow every viewer to submit their burning questions and get practical advice to personal pain points.

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