Why you shouldn’t take ‘home’ for granted

Calum Di Lieto, Editor of C&IT, talks about having travel experiences without getting on a plane.

I’m sad to say I haven’t been on a plane since January 2020, as I missed some of the windows in travel last year and I’m yet to book a holiday abroad this year. 

For anyone that follows me on Instagram, this has all been very alien for me as I would normally be flying all over the world, for work or play, at least twice a month - constantly chasing new experiences. But this weekend I realised that the same feeling of ‘being a tourist’ can occur on your doorstep. 

As a Londoner born and raised, I would never expect to get that feeling from being on the Thames - but a boat trip on Saturday evening proved me wrong. Seeing landmarks that I often walk past, but from the river, honestly felt as special as being somewhere new. I was excitedly snapping away taking pictures and felt like I was on holiday again.