Unlocking business value through internal meetings and conferences

In today's dynamic business landscape, organisations are facing unprecedented challenges in maintaining growth and resilience, says Milton Rivera, VP of Global Business Development at Amex GBT.

As highlighted in Accenture's Pulse of Change: 2024 Index, released at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting at Davos this January, the pace of change for businesses is at an all-time high and is set to accelerate in 2024. In such times of uncertainty, it becomes increasingly crucial for businesses to leverage every opportunity for growth and adaptation.

While emphasis has traditionally been placed on external interactions fostered by business travel, recent insights highlight the pivotal role of internal meetings in navigating disruption and fostering organizational growth. According to the latest data from Amex GBT’s Global Meetings and Events Forecast 2024, internal meetings are set to experience significant growth in attendee numbers, with 48% of respondents anticipating an increase throughout the year. These statistics show growing recognition among organizations of the value in face-to-face interactions between colleagues.

A recent Amex GBT report series with Harvard Business Review, titled "Investing in Travel to Drive Business Growth: A Strategy for Thriving in Disruption," demonstrated the value for organizations of face-to-face meetings. 71% of respondents said their organizations derive tangible business value from face-to-face meetings with colleagues. Of the respondents surveyed, 88% find in-person interactions - from meetings to workshops - key for nurturing enduring relationships among colleagues.