Has sustainability in events plateaued?

Matt Grey, Founder of event:decision, discusses the sustainability trends shaping the future of events and how we can continue to move forward.

Normally the preserve of year-end summaries, we’re seeing a number of requests mid-summer for trends and future sustainability content. Is this because the event industry has reached a plateau beyond which meaningful change is too difficult, or that we’re keen to take bolder, wider steps? The truth is somewhere in between. Low-hanging fruit in sustainability has been mostly harvested. Harder decisions lie ahead.

Event sustainability is at an inflection point; there’s never been so much debate about what the future will look like or scrutiny over the role of sustainability in event planning, especially when it relates to travel.

Ultimately, event sustainability is already, but will be driven ever more by, two factors: global corporate ESG regulation and brand optics. As Event Profs, we have to layer onto that our audiences’ expectations.