How to get more bang for your buck

When it comes to cities for hosting events, biggest isn't always best says Mike Leeson, General Manager at Event Travel Management.

If Avis’s 60s ad is to be believed, when you’re number two, you try harder. And you know us Brits love an underdog. So, is this why second tier cities are becoming such a popular choice for UK event professionals? Is it because they make more of an effort and we all want to be the first to find something new? 

Next year, Bradford will become the fourth UK City of Culture since 2013. ETM’s parent company CTM (Corporate Travel Management) has an office in Bradford, so this doesn’t surprise us. Bradford is a young, vibrant city steeped in cultural heritage. It has been on the cusp of something bigger for years and is now home to an array of fabulous festivals – from the Family Film Festival to the Yorkshire Games Festival and Bradford Literature Festival.   

But, despite being awarded the UK City of Culture 2025 two years ago, it still hasn’t quite made it onto the destination wish list of most UK event professionals.