High impact swag with low environmental impact

A top tier swag bag doesn't need to break the bank- or the environment- say Nick Bennett and Emily Furlow from Audience.

Swag works. 85% of consumers remember brands that give them takeaway goodies, keeping them for a whole year on average. However, swag mass-produced without consideration of the environmental impact can be detrimental.

The goal of good swag is business gain, brand awareness and creating a crucial space for community connection. With 75% of adults in Great Britain wanting to make lifestyle changes to help tackle climate change, how can we make sure we’re taking the most environmentally conscious approach to swag without losing brand reach?

To get to the bottom of the issue, we’re going to discuss the use and impact of swag, followed by some proven, practical changes to help guide a more sustainable approach to takeaway goods. We’ll round off with our opinions on the future of swag in the events world. Buckle up.