Five Ways to Develop Young Talent

Liz Taylor, Founder, and CEO of the Taylor Lynn Corporation, explains her five top ways to nurture emerging talent in the industry.

Young event professionals are a key element in the event sector. Beneficiaries to whom we can pass on years of dedication and experience. And importantly, our passion for this business. A way of shoring up our personal legacies perhaps, but certainly a huge step in securing the industry a bright, creative future.

I would go as far as to argue that taking the time to nurture young talent is not just a positive choice, but an event professional’s duty. I hear those sighs of – ‘that’s great for you to say, l but I’m too busy.’ Investing time in developing the next generation will benefit your business too – young minds bring energy, enthusiasm; a fresh, creative perspective. So it’s worthwhile on a personal business level if nothing else.

I have always made it my aim to bring young talent through the business as I firmly believe there is value for all parties. Several my senior staff started with me on apprenticeships and quickly progressed through the ranks. I find learning the ropes of a business from within is the best way for a person to become fully invested in the company ethos, to understand thoroughly what is expected and to build well-founded bonds with the team.