Will events ever be safe in the metaverse?

Will events ever be safe in the metaverse?

At IMEX Frankfurt, Sabine Reise and Christopher Werth discussed women’s position in the metaverse, how to construct event spaces and inclusivity in the virtual world. 

At this year’s IMEX Frankfurt, Sabine Reise, Managing Director at Allseated Europe and Christopher Werth, Chief Metaverse Office at Vok Dams Events, discussed the intricacies and reservations surrounding the metaverse and its place in the events industry. 

Werth began, “the social metaverse is an incredible place. You can gather and meet people, create and work together - have an adventure whilst you’re still at home.” After the battle of hybrid events post-pandemic, the metaverse seems an obvious next step for corporations and event managers to utilise. 

However, like the real-world, the metaverse has its dangers and its complications. Reise noted, “From the point of view of a woman, and taking into consideration the nature of women, new unfamiliar technologies can be daunting; especially when they’re already so male dominated.