Lara Owen Reporter, C&IT
Why hotel bed sheets are so tightly tucked

Why hotel bed sheets are so tightly tucked

Whilst some may like the anchor of hotel bed sheets, other delegates irritably ask time again: why is hotel bedding so tightly tucked?

In S3 Ep 6 of RSVP, Simon Baird, Head of Creative at Cheerful Twentyfirst, ranted his frustrations about hotel bed sheets, “I’m quite tall, not super tall, but tall enough and my rant is about bed sheets in hotels. They’re always too tight and it’s always a struggle to try and get my feet out from under the bed sheet. It’s almost like a straight jacket for your feet and it becomes a battle to try and get into the bed.”

“When you’re tired and all you want to do is get to bed and you have this battle ahead of you - being tall, seats on aeroplanes and trains is by and by - but this sheet thing? This could be easily fixed.”

C&IT’s Calum Di Lieto supported Baird’s rant, “I don’t really understand it, I get that they’re trying to make the bed look nicer, but you can still do that without having to tuck the cover halfway under the mattress.”