What is passive measurement?

While active data collection methods involve direct engagement with attendees, passive measurement takes a different approach, Julie Yorke, Senior Director, Delegate Management, BCD Meetings & Events explains.

Events have long been the domain of active data collection methods with surveys, feedback forms, and interactive polls the staple tools for gauging attendee engagement and satisfaction. However, with the relentless march of technology, Passive measurement is offering event organisers a powerful lens through which to gather insights and enhance the attendee experience. 

Ranging from emotional heat mapping, wearable tech advancements through to how attendees engage with a website, Passive data is the data gathered indirectly about your attendees. It can cover a wide range of areas of your event, from movement patterns and interaction data through to session attendance and engagement levels.

Active data collection methods involve direct engagement with attendees, and while these methods can yield valuable insights, they can often disrupt the flow of the event. If the timing or frequency is off, valuable insights may slip through the cracks,.