Charlotte Flach Premium Content Editor, C&IT
Top tips for pitching post-pandemic

Top tips for pitching post-pandemic

The perfect pitch is every event planner's dream. But in the aftermath of the pandemic, there are now several added layers of complexity to the art of selling yourself and your business.

“Until recently, the RFP process had been largely the same over many years; clients asking loads of company and capabilities questions, looking carefully at individual rates and total budgets, being very specific about services and scopes needed, and trying to assess providers as apple-to-apple as possible,” says Kurt Miller, SVP Strategy & Planning at George P. Johnson. 

“It feels, however, that many new requests are opening the aperture on a number of fronts; more programmatic and cross-channel thinking in terms of ideas and service delivery, deeper understanding of agency social responsibility and core values, a resurgence in sustainability and the environment as we re-emerge into physical experiences, and a general desire to go ‘wider’ in terms of approaches, services and capabilities. This, of course, includes a combination of physical and digital delivery, working together in new and innovative ways.” 

Andrew Rae, Founder of Another Way, which was launched mid-pandemic, says that it’s less about a change in what is being asked and more about shifting priorities. “Effectiveness is certainly highlighted more as the dominant requirement. Perhaps this is because budgets are tighter, clients are testing the water as we begin to return to normality or that clients have a more crystallised vision of what they want and the briefs are more focussed.