Top 10 most accessible European cities for MICE

Charlotte Flach Charlotte Flach Editor, C&IT
Top 10 most accessible European cities for MICE

With one in six people living with a disability according to the World Health Organisation, planners must ensure the cities they choose are accessible to all.

With a growing push towards DEI across the events industry, planners are having to rethink how they coordinate events.

A big part of this is catering for any accessibility issues delegates may have. Data from GOV UK shows that those with a disability travel 75% less frequently than those without, and that people with disabilities are also more likely to report facing a greater number of difficulties throughout their trip. 

New research from Iglu Cruise has collated the most disability-friendly cities in Europe, to reveal which destinations are the most inclusive. The data takes into account the total number of fully accessible hotels, restaurants, and leisure activities for each capital city in Europe.