This is why corporates should pay for ideas

This is why corporates should pay for ideas

Gavin Farley, CEO of asembl. group makes the case for why agencies shouldn't be giving creative away for free.

Success breeds success, right? Very true it does. It also breeds a lot of unwanted noise and distractions if you’re not careful. We’re fortunate within the to have an awesome bunch of clients that we love working with year round, and we do everything we can for them and throw our all at to make them want to stay with us. You’re only as good as your last project right? And other agencies are always hunting for business.

I know this, because we do it…

It's competitive out there, so if you want to stay in the game, and ahead of it, you have to do everything you can do to be better than the competition and this comes at a cost. A cost we’re willing to invest in those clients that actually want to work with us, not those clients that are just using us for ideas and benchmarking.