The return of workplace hierarchies

Lara Owen Reporter, C&IT
The return of workplace hierarchies

After years of top down management, many argue it’s time for the event industry to have a flatter working structure. Yet, it appears some may be returning to a workplace hierarchy…

In Season 3, episode 2 of RSVP, Janina Monaghan, a freelance events and communications professional, discussed the issue of event hierarchies, “I appreciate that there needs to be a captain to steer a ship, but it’s the crew that makes it sail. Not just specifically for our industry, but if we do focus on the events and hospitality industry, I’ve witnessed really terrible things.”

Monaghan went on to dissect the event industries’ problematic terminology, “I’ve never really enjoyed the term ‘supplier’, I prefer ‘partner’ because that’s what it should be - a partnership. Everyone’s striving towards the same goal, we’re staging an event we want to create memories for the delegates, somehow when you get on site there seems to be this weird pecking order.”

Expanding on this example, Monaghan noted, “As soon as you get the DMC or the hotel or the venue together with the agency and then throw the client into the mix, it turns into this weird structure that is felt rather than seen, and I think that’s born out of years of top down management as opposed to flatter structures that some companies are heading towards now.”