Are glass bathroom doors your hotel horror?

Are glass bathroom doors your hotel horror?

With the rise of open plan spaces, clean lines and monochromatic colour palettes, we ask if the minimalist interior aesthetic has gone too far…

In Season 4, Episode 3 of the RSVP podcast, freelance Project Director, Tanya Stselmashok, discussed her horror at the proliferation of glass doors in hotel bathrooms. “They do look beautiful and I can see why hotel chains do it but they just don’t work if you stay with anyone but your partner”, Tanya says. 

“I recently went on a trip with my parents and unfortunately the room had glass doors into the loo - my mum, dad and I had a very stressful team building exercise trying to rectify this.” Tanya confesses in the podcast.

It seems as though the majority of people agree with Tanya. According to C&IT’s recent poll, almost 70% of event professionals are against glass doors in hotel bathrooms - and the other 30% that voted for them? Interestingly 100% of these were male voters - we’ll leave speculation as to why up to you.

Juliet Kinsman, sustainability editor at Condé Nast Traveller, told the Guardian that “some people might find it thrilling” but caveats her statement with the question, “Will it ever be sexy to watch someone go to the loo? I hope that will remain very niche.”

The glass bathroom door controversy is well documented, as a disheartened traveller to Singapore reviews on Tripadvisor, “Why such arrangement? Is it a local tradition? Why do hotel websites or room descriptions never mention this?” Unfortunately, we can tell you this style is not a ‘local tradition’, and with chic minimalism being a staple interior design trend - we think it’s here to stay.

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