Uncover Gleneagles: Scotland's ultimate networking haven

Uncover Gleneagles: Scotland's ultimate networking haven

For a century, glamorous guests have enjoyed coming to Gleneagles, set in the glorious surroundings of Scotland’s rolling Ochil Hills. 

Surrounded by breathtaking scenery and some of the best nature the UK can offer, it’s the perfect place for business events, giving guests the chance to relax, reset and rejuvenate in between valuable networking and strategising. 

Businesses will be able to draw on the support of Gleneagles’ experienced events team, helping to ensure that your event is exactly what you want. “No group itinerary at Gleneagles is ever the same, because we always tailor the programme to our clients’ needs,” says Nick Raby, head of pursuits at Gleneagles. “That is why I always say to our clients: ‘Ask me anything; nothing is impossible’.”

Some of the bespoke experiences guests have enjoyed include: 

  • A sustainability-themed guided walk: With a client that was keen for the outdoors to be part of the programme, Raby’s team secured access to a nearby private estate which is usually closed to the public. “We were able to offer our client a completely bespoke guided walk on the 61,000-acre estate, showcasing the natural beauty of the Perthshire countryside,” he says. “To add a unique touch and introduction to our Scottish cultural heritage, we brought along Garron ponies.” 

  • Connecting with the outdoors: The business wanted to immerse in the great outdoors, so the team arranged to take guests on the Carroglen Experience, a half-day excursion where they travel off-road on four-wheel drives into the rugged highlands. “As guides, we point out the Munros, lochans, historic landmarks and help guests to spot local wildlife,” says Raby. “The group was lucky to encounter a herd of 50-80 red deer, as well as a golden eagle. In line with the client’s commitment to sustainability and our own, we helped them track the carbon footprint of the event.”

  • Bespoke experiences: Gleneagles offers its own fishing facilities, but the group was keen to provide a more unique experience to its guests. “We started looking for different options and found the perfect option in the nearby Frandy Reservoir, overlooking the Ochil Hills,” says Raby. “Gleneagles now has access to 14 boats for our guests to fish on the reservoir or host up to 40 people on the bank. It wasn’t a product that existed, but we were so keen to meet our client’s needs that we created this bespoke experience.”

Guests can also enjoy a wide range of on-site experiences. One of the most popular, says Raby, are offered at The Mews, where people are introduced to the ancient art of falconry. “Our guests have the chance to handle and fly birds of prey, learn their traits and habits in the wild and witness what they do best when we go hunting,” he says. 

Another unique experience is the gundog training and demonstrations. “We have a team of 10 dogs, a mixture of labradors, spaniels and flat coat retrievers, who are always keen to show off their remarkable skills, or a cheeky cuddle,” he adds. 

Other experiences include whisky tasting; afternoon tea; an interactive cookery class; and an intimate private dinner with a specially developed menu. Businesses can also host their own gala dinner in the elegant ballroom that has welcomed a host of celebrities and heads of state.

Raby believes it’s the desire to please guests and attention to detail that makes this the perfect destination for any business event or retreat. “Gleneagles is not just a hotel,” he concludes. “It’s a place where the pace, passion and pursuit of excellence never stop and this filters through to the experience of our clients.”

For more information on how Gleneagles could help you host the perfect business event, visit gleneagles.com/meetings/

Nick Raby, head of pursuits at Gleneagles