Only in Dubai: An events destination for all

Only in Dubai: An events destination for all

World-class luxury, cultural treasures and bespoke experiences: this is why your next event should take place in Dubai, says Charlotte Brewer, head of Quintessentially Experiences UAE.

Planning an event in Dubai offers more experiences and opportunities than perhaps any other city in the world. That might sound like hyperbole, but in my role as the head of Quintessentially Experiences UAE, I know first-hand how the city compares with many other major events and experience destinations. Some are perfect for hosting opulent luxury events, some are innovation hubs, and others boast must-see cultural attractions. 

Yet, Dubai stands out by seamlessly combining these qualities, offering an unparalleled range of opportunities for event planners. The city's commitment to luxury is evident in its world-class venues and services, with a top-down spirit of innovation and dynamism. Additionally, Dubai's rich cultural heritage provides a unique backdrop, adding depth and authenticity to events and experiences.  

All of which is complemented by cutting-edge infrastructure and event spaces, as well as a globally recognised hotel and hospitality sector. If you were tasked with designing the perfect event destination from scratch, the final result would look a lot like Dubai.

Unforgettable luxury experiences

In my job, I've had the privilege of turning this city into the backdrop for countless unforgettable moments. Our work spans a spectrum of luxury and corporate brands, reflecting Dubai's universal appeal as a host for a wide array of events. From opulent boutique openings to high-profile product launches, we’ve created experiences that our clients will remember forever. 

Recent highlights include curating a guest management and bespoke experience for a luxury watchmaker. More than 100 of their most important customers flew into Dubai, where we offered the most incredible range of events and experiences you could imagine. Everything from Michelin-star dining experiences on yachts and riding through the desert in Vintage Land Rovers to immersive culinary experiences with famous Emirati chefs and private studio tours of world-renowned artists. 

We also recently organised a three-day Fragrance & Beauty Convention for 400 guests on behalf of a luxury fashion brand, creating ten set designs for beauty-inspired workshops, culminating in a spectacular Coachella-inspired closing party. Additionally, we arranged a brand launch at the Burj Al Arab’s GILT – Sky Bar, organised a personalised luxury car drive experience for our automotive client, and hosted 121 international VIPs during a 10-day series of live events for a distinguished luxury fashion house.

Tapping into Dubai’s heritage and culture

Away from the skyscrapers and glamour is Old Dubai, a district that is hugely popular with our clients. A private tour of Dubai Creek is one of our go-to experiences for those looking to tap into the city’s rich heritage and culture. Guests are taken across the water on a private Abra – a traditional wooden boat – to the city’s famous souks, where they can explore spice markets, buy authentic Arabic jewellery and experience traditional Emirati cuisine. 

Just a short trip away lie experiences such as the ever-popular desert buggying, while those who want to get closer to nature can explore and camp in the nearby Hatta Mountains. Once you scratch the surface, you quickly find a real depth and history to Dubai, making for unforgettable experiences and events. 

It means there’s something for everyone. And that choice is continually evolving and expanding. Dubai is known for its constant stream of new openings, pop-ups and attractions. It brings a freshness and vibrancy that makes Dubai perfect for events, offering everything from elaborate product activations to world-leading conferences and incentive trips. 

This true versatility enables us to curate experiences that seamlessly blend opulence, innovation and culture, which can be offered in isolation or combined to meet any client event wishlist. Whether it's a festival-inspired desert retreat, fine-dining in the world’s tallest building, or creating a bespoke signature scent, Dubai provides the canvas for crafting truly personalised and unforgettable moments.

In Dubai, the challenge isn't finding something for everyone – it's deciding which remarkable experience to embark upon first.

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