Digitally enabled events: What are the barriers to success?

Digitally enabled events: What are the barriers to success?

The digital transformation of events has happened at pace over the past five years. As a result, brands can now measure and track audience behaviours in real-time across the lifecycle of their events and beyond.   

As in-person attendance recovers, how are digital channels being used to enhance face-to-face interaction? How can event planners get the most value from live and on-demand content beyond their flagship events? And do we need to do more to signpost audiences to a digital ‘home’? 

So, C&IT has partnered with Totem on a survey to understand how event marketers plan to capitalise on events as important demand-generation tools and the changing role of events as a key channel in the marketing mix.  

We would like a few minutes of your time to find out where the pain points really are for people in the industry. The results will inform an expert report in July which will help event marketers to get the very best from digitally enabled events. As a thank you, we’ll enter you into a prize draw and one of you will be anonymously selected to win a £250 Amazon voucher or an equivalent donation to a charity of your choice.