Lattice events marketing manager on the future of events

Lara Owen Reporter, C&IT
Lattice events marketing manager on the future of events

Rachael Kenny, Events Marketing Manager at Lattice, discusses the UK's event infrastructure, our macro economic climate and events in tech.

The biggest buzz in events is undoubtedly AI, and as the events marketing manager for Lattice, a Californian software development company, Rachael Kenny chatted to C&IT about her experience in this cutting-edge realm of events and shared her insights on the direction of the industry. 

Kenny’s journey into events was like many  ignited by her innate passion for creating memorable moments, "I have always loved the idea of creating experiences for other people, and making occasions out of different parts of life." Her foray into event management was fuelled by a desire to channel her creativity into crafting immersive experiences that resonate with audiences.

Events can be a great strategic play to the marketing mix - but you need to be able to communicate this to leadership