Is hospitality an event planner’s trickiest client?

Lara Owen Reporter, C&IT
Is hospitality an event planner’s trickiest client?

They know the industry down to a T, does this mean they're harder to cater for?

In the frenzied world of events, event planners are not strangers to rowdy clients. Yet it seems some of the worst clients appear to be the hospitality industry themselves.

Jack Parton, Head of Events at Birdhouse, relayed his experience of demanding clients on S5, Ep 7 of RSVP; “I was working in street food about 6 or 7 years ago, at a thousand capacity party for a well known high street sandwich brand - not mentioning any names - it does a really good posh cheddar and pickle sandwich.”

“It was an open bar,open food, and they’d given people monopoly money to spend, that was the currency, so it was all free. In my head I thought this is going to be really nice, they’re treated like crap everyday, they’re obviously going to respect fellow hospitality folk… they were the opposite of that.”