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How to retain talent within your agency

How to retain talent within your agency

Talent retention has been an issue within the events industry since the pandemic, but is it still as detrimental to agencies as it once was? Here are Kristina McCoobery’s top tips.

In Season 3, episode 5 of RSVP, Kristina McCoobery, CEO of INVNT & COO of [INVNT GROUP] discussed the concern of talent retention, “The great resignation is a real thing. I think we are making really good strides in making sure we’re focusing on talent retention, everything from making improvements on our work-life balance to being flexible on hybrid working and so on. Retaining talent is proving very difficult however, when people think the only option is to work elsewhere, perhaps in another industry.”

McCoobery went on to detail ways in which her agency is attempting to retain talent, “Having real conversations with our employees, ‘how are you? Are you happy in your position? Is there anything we could do that would make your position easier or better?’ Is so important. In our agency we have very talented and integral people and I want to make sure they stay.” 

McCoobery concluded her point by adding, “I’d say to any leader of any organisation: you have to leave your door open, I don’t want to be surprised that someone is unhappy, especially if there was something really easy we could have done to keep them here.”

C&IT’s host added that, “It’s often the behind the scenes workings of an employees mind that leads them to leave and if there was just an open and honest conversation it could be nipped in the bud really early on.”

McCoobery was keen to add that, “We can’t prevent the fact that sometimes people just want to do something else, we just have to wish them the best. We’ve had some people leave then three or four months later they’ve said that wasn’t what I’d thought it would be, can I come home? And we say absolutely! Anything we can do to be that accessible leader that is willing to have a conversation is best.”

A poll conducted by C&IT inquired whether agencies and event professionals were struggling with staff retention: 83% said that they were struggling with talent retention, more so than pre-covid, whereas just 17% said they were not finding any issues with retention.

McCoobery concluded on the fact that, “It’s a combination of incentives, openness and a load of other elements that get your talent to stay. But if anyone has any other suggestions - I’m open to them!”

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