Lara Owen Reporter, C&IT
How to make transport part of the incentive

How to make transport part of the incentive

AIME’s pre-famil in Melbourne demonstrated just a few ways planners can get creative with their transportation for delegates.

1. Luxury RV

Luxury cars are no new feat, however, a fully kitted out RV will make any delegate feel like a touring rock idol. AIME’s pre-famil utilised Australia’s first ever ‘Luxcoach’ that seated 20 guests, and arrived with an onboard cocktail bar and butler. Modelled off the Ritz Carlton’s own and finished in black marble with crystal glass tumblers, the bar was the centrepiece of the vessel; not forgetting however the 50 inch LCD TV (perfect for activations), refined powder room and ergonomic leather armchairs. More than a limousine - for any delegate over 5ft can actually stand up - this way of transport offers a private jet experience without popping ears. What’s not to love?