How to combat clipboard warriors

Lara Owen Reporter, C&IT
How to combat clipboard warriors

Clipboard warriors seem to permeate life, but when they enter the event industry, creativity comes to a complete stop. Stephen McIntosh explains how to overcome 'no sayers'.

Creativity and innovation is the lifeblood that keeps the event industry thriving. Yet, a phenomenon known as "clipboard warriors" has emerged as a significant impediment to growth and expression within the event industry. 

In S5 Ep 4 of RSVP, Stephen McIntosh, Client and Strategy Director at Audience, says, “Clipboard warriors are individuals who just stop the job getting done. It’s typically somebody on the venue side, dare I say, that tends to be a clipboard warrior - not always - but there’s just always one person who tries to get in the way. 

“They’ll have a very different opinion on how things should be done and believe it’s their way or the highway. You could have done all the right things - followed the correct protocols, done the risk assessments etc, but people will say no - to everything!”