How planners can stop food waste

How planners can stop food waste

Following Stop Food Waste Day, 15Hatfields’ General Manager, Warren Campbell, is challenging the meetings and events industry to drive change and reduce food waste within their venues.

There's something important that often gets overlooked in the events industry, one aspect which according to WRAP sees the hospitality and food sector waste £3.2 billion of food each year.  

Following Stop Food Waste Day, it's imperative for businesses to recognise their role in this global challenge, which according to sees a staggering 33% of food going to waste or lost.

The key to addressing this issue lies in fostering a culture of awareness, collaboration, and innovation within both our own organisations and our clients’. It's not the responsibility of a single individual but instead a collective effort. Every member must be involved, invested, and passionate to tackle the issue. It is important to analyse the patterns of consumption across events and question where food is being left or when clients are asking for more portions, in order to see change.