How events have become a crucial brand tool

How events have become a crucial brand tool

Dan Bardgett, MD at XSEM, discusses event's role in brand marketing and how to measure success through emotional impact and ROI.

Events have become more than just a one-off experience and are increasingly being regarded as a powerful tool in a marketers’ mix. Dan Bardgett, managing director of the award-winning brand engagement agency, XSEM has been outlining his thoughts on what the industry can learn from recent developments. 

Our industry is shifting. Brands are seeking a more integrated approach to their events, where they are no longer seen as one-hit projects to engage a captive audience, but as crucial components of a brand’s overall marketing and communications strategy. This movement towards aligning events with more expansive ‘big picture’ thinking is something we’ve noticed across all industries, and will be key in shaping our industry in the years to come.

Back in 2022, XSEM repositioned itself. We thought we were a creative experiences’ agency. We’ve realised what we delivered is far more aligned with brand engagement. We’d noticed a change in market demand which presented an opportunity for us, a business that had focused on a seamless integration between our marketing and communication services and our event management capabilities. We were perfectly positioned to facilitate this growing marketing-events alignment and guide our clients, keeping them at the forefront of industry trends.