From storytelling to storyfeeling in event design

From storytelling to storyfeeling in event design

Pigalle Tavakkoli, Founder of the School of Experience Design, explains how human-centric and emotion-based event design leads to drastic engagement results.

Experience Design allows us to go beyond simply designing the form and function of a product, event or service, to also design the attendees’ emotions, memories and behaviour. It moves us from designing by intuition, to designing with intention how attendees feel and think, ultimately transforming their behaviour forever.

I was a creative producer for 15 years, working with leading scientists and artists to design immersive story worlds across live and digital platforms.

My very first event was for the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The brief was to attract a young fashion forward audience to discover the little-known theatre museum. I took over the whole building and transformed it into an immersive story world, with role-playing performers guiding guests throughout. We sold out on the night, with 1,000 fashion forward guests attending. Initially, they observed the story as passive spectators, but mid-way their behaviour changed before my eyes.