Exposing the ‘burnout epidemic’ in the events industry

Lara Owen Reporter, C&IT
Exposing the ‘burnout epidemic’ in the events industry

A recent report reveals 90% of event professionals are overworked and underpaid.

Recent research from The Culture Creators Report 2023 shows how businesses are finding it more difficult than ever to navigate the endemic ‘work from home’ culture. As a result, more companies are relying on organised face-to-face experiences to strengthen company culture. Therefore, the events industry is feeling the pressure; nearly nine in ten event professionals (87%) underline that events are needed more than ever in today’s remote working landscape. We look at IBTM’s recent culture report that reveal the current state of the events industry. 

1. Burnout Epidemic in Event Planning 

As events make a comeback post-pandemic, event professionals face a new challenge: burnout. With remote work soaring fivefold since the pandemic, 79% of professionals find their roles more stressful than ever, ranking the profession as the third most stressful globally, ranking only below 'military service' and 'home health aide’. It was listed as a higher-stress job than teachers, first responders, surgeons, and social workers.