An Event Planners Biggest Challenge is ‘Balancing Sustainability and Accessibility’

An Event Planners Biggest Challenge is ‘Balancing Sustainability and Accessibility’

C&IT spoke with Events Coordinator for The Rivers Trust, Rebecca Duncan, about the highs and lows of the charity sector and how sustainability and inclusion, ultimately, go hand in hand.

1. How did you start out in events, did you always want to work within the charity sector? 

 I started organising events when I was on the committee of my university’s Literature Society. At first this just covered social events and was a fun way to make the most of the university experience, but then I felt driven to put together an events schedule that was more diverse than just alcohol-centred socials. I think that’s when I realised I was a skilled events organiser. I love moving through the creative planning process to the hands-on action of executing the event. It gives me an incredible amount of satisfaction to get these tangible experiences as a result of my hard work.

 When it came to starting a career, I only ever wanted to work for organisations where I have a vested interest in their purpose; I don’t want my work to ever just be a way to make money. My first graduate job was as a Production Assistant at a Literature Festival, then I moved on and did a Master’s in Arts Management. After that, working at an environmental charity was something of a sideways jump.