5 reasons employees now picking events over holidays

Lara Owen Reporter, C&IT
5 reasons employees now picking events over holidays

According to hot new research, a fifth of Brits prefer spending their annual leave on events rather than jet-setting holidays. 

The arrival of summer in the UK means the ramp up of events. It appears that event and festival culture is flourishing in the UK, as evidenced by Ebay ads with estimates showing 22% of Britons are more enthusiastic about events this summer than they were before the pandemic, and Barclaycard revealing a fifth of Britons prefer festivals and events to holidays. 

Although Brits are notorious for always having enjoyed live music, the pandemic has no doubt shifted views on the importance of health and connection with 7 in 10 Brits saying they are motivated to get healthier since the pandemic, according to Public Health England. Co-founders Hugo Campbell and Digby Vollrath of event platform, Togather have analysed five ways in which events have become a more appealing way to spend annual leave than a holiday abroad.