Are all events becoming alcohol free?

Lara Owen Reporter, C&IT
Are all events becoming alcohol free?

As alcohol consumption among Gen Z has declined, will events become non-alcoholic? Here's what event professionals think…

In Episode 2, Season 4 of RSVP, Gabby Austen-Browne, Founder of Diversity Alliance, discussed the difficulties she faced as a non-drinker at events, “[At a recent event] There were non-alcoholic beers and I was like okay, well done this event, but I had to pay for it and it was an awards! I was like you have free prosecco, free wine, unlimited on the table and I’m paying for an alcohol free beer - are you kidding me?”

According to, the number of adults who choose not to drink alcohol continues to rise in the UK. So, C&IT asked event professionals if it’s time for a wider range of non-alcoholic drinks to be served at events. 78% of event professionals said a greater emphasis should be placed on serving interesting mocktails, whereas 22% of those said they are happy with what’s on offer.

“It kind of irritates me when events don’t have a good alternative for people not drinking alcohol,” Austen-Browne states, “It doesn’t have to be because you’ve had a problem - it could be because you’re pregnant, designated driver, your diet, allergies or religion.”