3 ways to reduce event waste

Lara Owen Reporter, C&IT
3 ways to reduce event waste

A discussion on the event industry’s circular economy shift gives planner’s three tangible actions to reduce their event waste.

At Emc3’s ‘Events as a Force for Good’, industry leaders gathered to discuss what planners can do to make their events contribute to a circular economy. 

A circular economy is a system where materials never become waste. This economy tackles biodiversity loss, pollution and the climate crisis and that’s what Event Cycle is based on, noted Carina Jandt the Director and Co-Founder. By eliminating waste, regeneration becomes a key aspect of the economy and helps cater to all three pillars of sustainability.

When it comes to venues, many purpose built event spaces have an endless list of sustainability credentials, but as an old established property, things get more difficult. Working with what you have inherited is difficult when it comes to sustainability. Kat Winfield, Venue Manager at the Grade II listed BMA House, stated that looking at what you can control yourself without ripping things out is vital.