10 safest destinations for female delegates

Lara Owen Reporter, C&IT
10 safest destinations for female delegates

Here are the safest cities to visit as a woman delegate.

Amidst the rising trend of smaller group exploration in a female dominated industry, it's crucial for MICE professionals to consider safety and suitability when selecting destinations for women delegates. So, C&IT have sourced data from InsuranceMyTrip to tally the safest destinations for female delegates. Key factors considered include the quality of local attractions, daily travel expenses, gender equality metrics, safety when walking alone at night, instances of gender-based attacks, and even TikTok popularity. 

RankCity, CountryScore
1. Munich, Germany 7.36
2. Madrid, Spain7.21
3.  London, UK7.03
4. Lisbon, Portugal6.91
5.Barcelona, Spain6.84
6. Dubai, UAE6.79
7. Berlin, Germany6.71
8. Chiang Mai, Thailand6.71
9. Amsterdam, Netherlands6.70
Copenhagen, Denmark6.69

Munich has emerged as the prime destination for female groups, boasting safety, diverse experiences, and cultural richness. Unsurprisingly, European cities dominate the top rankings, with 8 out of the top 10 spots occupied by European destinations. However, notable exceptions include Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Chiang Mai, Thailand, representing safe and enriching options beyond Europe.

While Munich stands out as the top destination for women travellers for the third consecutive year, it's imperative for industry professionals to assess the destination considering factors beyond mere popularity. Notably, three Malaysian cities find themselves in the bottom 10 rankings, underlining the importance of due diligence in ensuring the safety and comfort of women delegates.