FIRST CEO: How to prepare for the 'war on talent'

In this highly competitive talent landscape what should event teams be doing? Group CEO of FIRST, Maureen Ryan-Fable, shares her data-backed insights

It can't be denied. The recruitment market is hyper-competitive in virtually every industry and many are still working through the continued instability and workforce disruption. 

In a direct address to brands and the wider events industry, Group CEO of FIRST, Maureen Ryan-Fable, has shared data-backed insights on what she calls the 'war on talent'.

“We felt there was a need to speak openly and honestly with our clients about both the obvious and hidden challenges that this ‘war on talent’ continues to put on our industry," she says.

"My goal in providing this outlook is to inform, empower and provide the same transparency that we as a company promise. At FIRST, we expect that the war on talent and market demands will continue to impact our industry and our business for some years, so we need to remain collaborative and communicative in setting expectations to maintain the strength of our industry.”

Charlotte Flach Editor C&IT