Tropic Skincare's sparkling Gen Z showstopper

Tropic Skincare's annual 'Glammies' appealed to all from Gen Z to Gen X, shining a sparkling spotlight on their Glambassadors.

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Tropic Skincare’s ‘Glammies’ is an annual event that celebrates the brand’s ambassadors; shedding light on their achievements, launching new products and recognising the people that make the brand what it is. 

Having first launched this concept event eleven years ago, the brand has grown from having 310 people onboard to just under 4000 today. 


The theme for the ‘Glambassadors’ event changes annually, mirroring what successes and concepts have been significant for the brand that year. This year's theme was ‘Sparkle at the Disco', as the brand's cheif focus was growth, and so by bringing ‘sparkle’ in, the event shone a glittering spotlight on the ambassadors that went through big career growth spurts this year. 

Tropic’s partnerships with Pandora Events and CPL have assisted in this steady growth for the brand. The synergy they’ve developed through these long-standing relationships has meant the annual event rarely encounters logistical hurdles or unpredictable challenges. 


Tropic Skincare were able to carry out their biggest event to date, having over 5000 guests attend. The scale and depth of the event was unlike anything the brand had done before; the final stage was made up of nine different LED video walls consisting of around 16 million pixels - the glitter certainly sparkled on this striking set. 

With over 100 employees on set from Pandora Events, CPL and Tropic Skincare, the annual event blew attendees away, featuring show stopping dance sets and a DJ appearance from Gok Wan. 

Lara Owen Reporter C&IT