The ‘soft power’ of group travel and incentives

The power of group travel still centres on strengthening relationships, as well as boosting engagement and motivation levels, according to Caroline Lumgair Wiseman, managing director of global event agency Eventful and incentives expert Holly Mills.

They are both confident incentive travel will bounce back post-pandemic but reveal how the ground has shifted for corporations and for employees on a personal level.

Now, the key to rebuilding confidence depends on expertise in the flight process, destination selection, the ground programme and hotels, as well as general and Covid safety measures.

But also, there are signs the sector is moving away from a model of Instagram wow moments, CSR "tick-boxing" and a focus on the so-called “bragging rights” of individual luxury incentives.

Businesses now want a more holistic of view of their staff and also want to show how they are making a real difference to the world and the communities they are part of.