Events needs open conversation around the menopause

Events needs open conversation around the menopause

Ciara Feely, Author and Sales Leadership Trainer, discusses the importance of supporting female colleagues through the menopause.

There’s a demand for honest and open conversation in our sector around the menopause: I ran a workshop on menopause last year. The room could accommodate 100 people and I wondered how many people would show up. The upshot? We filled the room! The overriding response from attendees was relief – people came up to me afterwards (even at the airport!) to thank me for creating a safe space to talk.  

 The ripple effect of menopause is being felt throughout businesses: It's costing the UK economy alone £10bn to recruit and retrain people to do the jobs menopausal women have left, as well as the cost of absence due to menopausal symptoms.  

The key to unlocking support for women in the workplace starts with a simple conversation: I’ve spoken with workplace culture experts including Great Place To Work who have advice for businesses looking to create a supportive working environment for menopausal women. Their number one tip is to foster communication and give women a safe space to talk – or simply listen if they're not ready to go all in. My advice to women would be to give yourself this gift and to take the time to slow down and tune into yourself. You can't do that going at 100 miles an hour!