Suntory's expedition-themed extravaganza

Charlotte Flach Charlotte Flach Editor, C&IT
Suntory's expedition-themed extravaganza

Suntory brought together its business leaders under one roof to celebrate its 10 year anniversary.

Suntory Beverage and Food GB&I, known for global brands including Lucozade and Ribena,  tasked CI Group to design a conference for 400 attendees.  The venue needed to be easily accessible, offer accommodation on site, as well as inclusive team building activities that would appeal to a wide audience.

Central to the success of this event was creating an unforgettable experience and ensuring guests felt like they weren’t at a typical conference. This meant designing an immersive experience, with minimal PowerPoint, maximum interactivity and movement, plus highly visual and engaging content.

Early on, CI Group decided the theme of the event should be centred around going on an expedition, with employees encouraged to ‘get their kit bag ready’ to unlock value and prepare for the journey ahead. This meant we wanted a venue that matched the theme – a location where people would feel energised by their surroundings, as well as the business content.