Event horizons: The future of brand marketing in 2024

Event horizons: The future of brand marketing in 2024

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C&IT and sister brand, Campaign, join forces to talk all things event marketing with Yorkshire Tea and First Event in this sponsored episode of the Campaign podcast.

The coupling of events and marketing is not a new concept: we already know that giving your target audience the opportunity to create lasting memories in an immersive experience is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and better your brand’s public perception.

What’s new though is the role and capabilities of events within the marketing mix. In 2024, events shouldn’t just be a moment in time for your brand, but part of its wider content plan. In fact, recent research by C&IT found that two-thirds of event professionals consider themselves digital content creators as much as live experience curators.

So, how can you best use events to build your brand profile? In this podcast episode, hosted by Campaign and C&IT, we chat about:

  • The role of event marketing: present, past and future
  • Why the relationship between brand and event agency breaks down
  • Events in Yorkshire Tea’s media mix: to what extent has events contributed to the brand’s success?

Featuring: Marc Allott, creative director, First Event; Ben Newbury, head of brand marketing, Yorkshire Tea

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