Lancôme's TV talkshow style annual event

Lancôme wanted to elevate its annual event and differentiate it from previous years, with help from Bright.

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The main objectives were to reunite the team and celebrate the brand, with an emphasis on showcasing the La Vie Est Belle product launch. The event was designed to address the brand's four key pillars: makeup, skincare, fragrance and retail.


Bright proposed an interactive TV show format. This allowed for an immersive experience including product demos, guest interviews, live presentations and interactive sessions that mimicked the popular daytime TV show format. 

The event took place at JJ Media's studios in Bethnal Green, where a Lancôme styled TV studio set was built. The decision to use exposed brickwork as a backdrop for presenters added an air of authenticity and visual appeal. The studio was meticulously styled to infuse glamour and captivate the audience's attention.

Bright, with partners at Clockwise Film, took charge of directing video segments (VTs) and incorporating motion graphics to enhance the visual appeal of the show. Additionally, the agency provided support for behind-the-scenes filming and photography, ensuring a seamless production process.


The interactive television show format proved to be a resounding success. The event not only generated significant engagement for Lancôme's products but also provided a platform to review pipelines and trends within the beauty industry. 

By celebrating the company's success in a captivating and interactive way, the event succeeded in leaving a lasting impression on viewers.