Journey To Net-Zero: Where to begin?

Part one of the four-part sustainability series

We will look at the context of the issue at hand and provide viewers with vital knowledge and understanding that will create a foundation for change.

What does it mean to be ‘Net Zero’? Can this realistically be achieved? And what does the journey look like for those just starting, and for those well on their way? C&IT partnered with Isla in an effort to help event planners gain knowledge, successfully benchmark, observe real-life examples and plan for the future. This four-part mini-series of The C&IT Show took us on a journey that resulted in change both for organisations and the industry as a whole.

Part One: Where to begin?

An Overview
Anna Abdelnoor, Co-Founder & CEO of isla, will provide an overview of the global climate crisis, its impact on the events industry and what it actually means for events to be ‘Net Zero’.

An Ambition
Manuela Cadarso, Head of Projects – UK at Cheerful Twentyfirst, will talk about the agency’s ambitions to become carbon neutral and Net Zero, why it’s important to them and what the first steps should be for those looking to follow suit.