Journey to Net-Zero: Taking action

Part three of the four-part sustainability series

We will look at a real life example of an event with sustainability at its core and explore tourism’s role in protecting and preserving the planet.

What does it mean to be ‘Net Zero’? Can this realistically be achieved? And what does the journey look like for those just starting, and for those well on their way? C&IT partnered with Isla in an effort to help event planners gain knowledge, successfully benchmark, observe real-life examples and plan for the future. This four-part mini-series of The C&IT Show took us on a journey that resulted in change both for organisations and the industry as a whole.

Part Three: Taking action

CASE STUDY: World Oceans Day – Talisker Whisky
The Talisker distillery announced a new release in May, its oldest to date, Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky 44-Year-Old: Forests of the Deep. Talisker, merged its rich heritage of quality with its close affinity with the ocean, building the product around the brand’s partner in ocean conservation, Parley for the Oceans, and an expedition to one of the world’s largest sea kelp forests near the Cape of Good Hope.

On World Oceans Day, Talisker invited media, influencers, customers, and consumers to discover the kelp sea forest, where for one day only the brand would take guests on an immersive journey exploring the unparalleled beauty of these unknown depths, their fragility and importance.

Grant Dudson, Creative Director at Chorus, talks about how the agency were bought in to create the experience, bringing the rich product and sustainable story to life in central London.
Tourism & Sustainability – Australia
Robin Mack, Executive General Manager – Commercial & Business Events Australia, at Tourism Australia talks about what the country is doing to protect the planet, what tourism boards worldwide can do to make a difference, how they can support incoming event planners and what event planners can do when working with destinations to ensure they are being as sustainable as possible.