Heineken's Rave to Save fundraising party

Desperados, a Heineken brand, hosted a rave gamifying people's dance steps to raise money for charity.

Desperados’ mission is to promote diversity and acceptance on international dance floors. After the pandemic, Desperados wanted to create a new immersive experience to build on their mission.

With dance floor inclusivity at the heart of the idea, a dance driven fundraising platform was created to bring people of all backgrounds together and give them a unifying purpose: to make the world a better place.

A pedometer-driven app, ‘Rave to Save’ was created, to create a unique and impactful gamified party. The app was integrated with branded LED wristbands which allowed Desperados to capture individual and group data. Each individual step counted was translated into a monetary figure. The more they danced, the more money raised for inclusive charities. Step milestones also translated into party moments such as confetti drops and live performances for the crowd, and prizes for individuals such as free drinks and backstage passes.

To make the experience more inclusive, there was a diverse line-up at each event, including a higher percentage of female DJs and LGBTQ+ performers.

The Rave to Save experience was executed at participating venues across Europe, uniting young European ravers in a common cause: to give voice and support to the underrepresented.


The experience totalled 14,386,971,00 dance steps, translating into €137,312,65 raised for inclusive charities including Women in Music and Stonewall. There are also upcoming Rave to Save activations in Nigeria, the Ivory Coast and Germany.

Charlotte Flach Editor C&IT