Is sustainability the key to responsible tourism?

Is sustainability the key to responsible tourism?

Lene Corgan and Birgitte Brahe consider how to optimize event footprints within communities and destinations.

At C&IT’s Sustainability Forum, held in London on 20 November 2023, Bellagroup and the Copenhagen Convention Bureau - Wonderful Copenhagen, held a roundtable discussion on how to ensure that events leave the right footprint on the communities they touch and the destinations they take place in. The discussion was hosted and led by Lene Corgan, Head of Business Development, Business Events at Wonderful Copenhagen and Birgitte Brahe, Assistant Director of Sales International at Bellagroup

Pre-Covid, there were concerns about over-tourism in many destinations, and local communities did not always understand the benefit of large events being hosted in their cities. Post-Covid, how do we ensure that our events are more sustainable and, as part of this, that we consider the local communities and help them benefit from events and without creating over-tourism again? 

As event and hospitality professionals, it is important that we listen to and engage with local communities and ensure that the events we plan also benefit the communities and destinations they are held in as part of our focus on sustainability.