Inside the Floral Olympics: The Interflora World Cup 2023

Top Banana were tasked with planning the world’s biggest floristry competition taking place in Manchester’s Convention Complex.

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The Interflora World Cup is an international floristry competition combining drama, challenges and creativity to generate some of the best entertainment in the botanical industry. Top Banana were in charge of the Interflora World Cup, and with two years in the making, they helped make the world’s biggest floral event a blooming success. 


The Interflora World Cup brings together the world’s best florists together to compete to be the world champion. This year's goal was to grow the consumer activity among the event, and so Top Banana collated 44 artisan suppliers to showcase the best of botanical designs, alongside workshops and demonstrations from previous world champions. This was all helped by some of the event's key sponsors; Floral Fundamentals and Country Baskets.

Challenges and Solutions

For an industry built on the temporary, sustainability can be a huge issue, and lots of displays can sadly go to waste. However, this year, Top Banana were keen to ensure that the Interflora World Cup would leave nothing more than memories behind. This year they organised a selection of charities to collect the bouquets made within the competition to sell them outside Manchester Central at the end of the event so no stems go to waste. 

Top Banana also utilised the company, Confetti Club London, who collected the dried blooms and turned them into confetti for people to use at their weddings and special occasions. This years’ competition also held a sustainability competition as part of the event to try and make the sundries (such as floral foam, wires and buckets) that are used in floristry more sustainable. These initiatives brought sustainability to the forefront of people’s minds within the wider floral industry. 


For this year’s Interflora World Cup, Top Banana put sustainability at the top of their agenda, and succeeded in achieving their eco-goals. They worked with Confetti Club London and local charities to place sustainable floristry at the forefront of attendees’ minds. It can be tricky to tackle sustainability in an industry based on impermanence, and yet, Top Banana’s environmental initiatives will certainly leave a lasting legacy for florists and event planners to come. 

Lara Owen Reporter C&IT