How Google’s AI Playground was created

Audience were tasked with developing Google Next’s AI Playground to showcase the latest technology innovations.

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Google Next is a yearly international showcase highlighting cutting-edge technological innovations, featuring live sessions designed to inspire, innovate, and educate. 

Audience were assigned the responsibility of creating the AI Playground, a dedicated space to spotlight Google's AI capabilities, alongside organising post-event networking gatherings catering to different attendee levels.


Audience curated an immersive experience that immersed delegates in the essence of Google Next, offering hands-on learning opportunities in the AI playground and fostering networking within an innovative environment.

Within the AI playground, Audience constructed multiple areas to showcase Google's latest AI technology. The first space featured an AI-powered penalty shootout on a Google Cloud-branded pitch. Delegates took the field, aiming and shooting at the goal, with performances captured using Google Pixel 7 phones. AI then scored their shots based on power, accuracy, and style. Participants could check their rankings on the leaderboard and receive a personalised branded footballer card with their shot analytics.

The second space introduced the AI-powered Drone Derby, challenging coders to race drones through an obstacle course. Delegates learned to code the drones using Google AI, directing them through specific movements based on encountered shapes. The drones were timed to determine the fastest participants through the course.

Post-exhibition, Audience hosted an afterparty in a dynamic venue for 300 guests to enjoy drinks, bites, and networking with the Digital Native team. Additionally, a Leaders Circle reception drinks event for 180 VIP C-Suite guests took place at the iconic Shangri-La Hotel within The Shard, complete with entertainment, transportation, and event management provided by Audience.


Beyond the exhibition, Audience were keen to generate an impressive legacy. Audience translated the highlights of Next into a mobile format, assembling a toolkit that animates Google Cloud's platform for B2B clients in the UK and Europe. The dynamic kit comprises elements that seamlessly integrate into office environments, providing Google Cloud with the ability to network and present their innovative platform to potential clients.

Snapshot Takeaways

  • 1,500+ Next attendees

  • 155 C-Suite guests at the Leaders Circle

  • 300 attendees at the Digital Natives Afterparty

Lara Owen Reporter C&IT