How your brand can be bolder

How your brand can be bolder

How can marketers, event professionals and agencies work in partnership on bold campaigns and get the most engagement out of their audiences?

A recent ‘B Inspired’ event, held by Broadsword, aimed to educate the audience on what bold and brave campaigns look like in the B2B space. 

Broadsword Strategy Director, Matt Green, spoke about the Power of Brand, touching on the origins of the word, and explaining that if you get to a certain level of market salience, your brand can permeate into people’s minds at a subconscious level. He also examined brand collaboration and the emergence of new and innovative brand experiences. 

A panel of experts included asset management firm M&G who are colouring outside of the lines when it comes to campaigns in a highly regulated industry; EY who are creating successful events measured by human connections and conversions; as well as Illusion Design and Construct who produce immersive experiences to engage audiences — from Glastonbury sets to Secret Cinema.