Future-proofing your events: Digital strategies for captivating audiences and generating leads

Join our exclusive webinar, in partnership with Totem, to find out how to use great content and the power of digital to generate more leads, deeper insights and increased attendance at your events.

It’s clear the events industry is in a state of flux, you’ve told us as much. According to the latest C&IT and Totem research, these are your thoughts on the state of the industry right now:

  • Technological-driven change: It's more than just a buzzword, it's our present reality.
  • Digital content creators: Future event professionals will be as much about crafting digital content as curating live experiences.
  • The challenge: Despite a clear vision, the lack of unified data and technology implementation is a barrier.

But, what if you could start engaging with your attendees long before an event started and continue the conversation long after it finished? What if you could provide experiences tailored to individual attendees' needs and preferences, and tap into the power of digital to generate more leads, deeper insights and increased attendance? The good news is, you can achieve all of this and more by crafting compelling content and harnessing cutting-edge technologies – and we can help show you how.

Join the webinar to learn more about:

  • The barriers that might be holding you back from true digitalisation
  • Ways to gain a granular view of your audience and how to leverage real-time data to transform your events
  • How to use digital tools to precisely measure the success of your events and demonstrate tangible ROI
  • Best practice examples and top tips on digital maturity, success measurement and more...
  • How to keep the momentum going with technology that nurtures leads and boosts attendee engagement

With the future unfolding at a digital pace, this is one webinar you can't afford to miss. Join C&IT, Totem and guests to become a part of the digitally matured events movement.

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