Labour landslide: the industry responds

Charlotte Flach Charlotte Flach Editor, C&IT
Labour landslide: the industry responds

Following a crushing defeat for the Conservatives, what does the events industry hope and predict for the next five years?

"The current political landscape presents a significant challenge, particularly within the event industry. The Conservatives, having veered too far right, have inflicted damage through austerity measures and Brexit, adding unwanted complexity and costs. The voting public has spoken in no uncertain terms.

Despite their criticisms of the last government, Labour's unclear stance on Brexit and their unfavourable view of business owners add to the dilemma. Planned increased taxes on business leaders risk stifling economic growth. Voters have faced a stark choice between uncertain economic policies and avoiding extreme right-wing governance, marking this election as one of the most disappointing in terms of leadership options I've encountered in my voting history."