Best way to promote employee wellbeing revealed

Annie Hayes Reporter, C&IT
Best way to promote employee wellbeing revealed

A new survey shows that the majority of employees value ‘good work’ for promoting wellbeing over and above fair pay and reward. 

According to a new report by solicitors, Winckworth Sherwood, half of employees, 50% believe good work, including autonomy, satisfaction and work-life balance is the best means of promoting their sense of wellbeing. Yet, employers placed fair pay and reward, 51% above this.

Professional body, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has reported a ten year spike in sickness absence. It now totals 7.8 days on average per employee per year. Responding to these soaring absence rates, Wellbeing Strategies: Effective in Managing Sickness Absence? details several recommendations for boosting wellbeing in the workplace. 

These include: